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On new paths

to a sustainable future.

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Venturise | Co-Entrepreneurs & M&A Advisors

We are a global, independent M&A consultancy, based in Munich, Germany. Our focus is on sustainable corporate development, ESG strategies and investments, and the setup of strategic partnerships.

Our strategic goal: to create, expand and maintain sustainable values together as entrepreneurs and together with entrepreneurs. To do so, we combine experience, skills and the necessary access to ESG-compliant companies - and those who would like to become the ESG leaders of the future.

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We think and act as more than just consultants. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs and partners with the common goal to create long-term value and sustainable growth for the future generation's benefit.

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Co-entrepreneurial, sustainable growth.

Venturise | Co-Entrepreneurs & M&A Advisors supports your company in ESG transformation and ensuring sustainability.


We support companies with strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the development of strategic partnerships, the procurement of growth capital and the development of markets and sales in Europe and Asia.


Strategies and decisions for a sustainable increase in company value. We are your partner for sustainable growth. Whether through new business models, strategic partnerships or acquisitions (M&A) and/or sales. Companies trust in our experiences and broad (insider) network.

Market and sales development eurasia

Together with our partner TCA (Treasure Capital Asia), we enable European companies to efficiently develop the market presence in Asia.


Our services range from the development of sales and production cooperation to the conclusion of license models to participation and the acquisition of and by Asian companies.

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We would like to thank entrepreneurs and decision-makers for the trust they place in us when it comes to the most important questions relating to their companies.


At eye level, we help to take the next step in corporate development. For this purpose, working as a team and the success of the partnership at Venturise are in the foreground.

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