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Sustainable growth

Our team supports you in mastering complex strategic challenges and in developing solutions tailored to your company and your future plans. At the beginning of the cooperation there is a joint decision on what to focus on in order to maintain a strong position in the market, to invest better than the competition and to generate long-term growth. ​


Strategies and decisions for a sustainable increase in company value:

We are your partner for sustainable growth. Whether under our own steam, through strategic partnerships or through acquisitions and/or sales. Trust in our many years of experience and our broad (insider) network.

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Future with a plan

Clear strategies for a leading role in the market of the future.

  • Company and strategy audits

  • Strategic business planning (business line and corporate level)

  • Market analysis / benchmark studies

  • Business model analysis, derivation of action field scenarios

  • Business concept creation and business plans development

  • Partner alliance concepts, models and privatization concepts

Grow inorganically

We support companies as experienced experts in identifying suitable candidates for acquisitions.

  • Mergers and acquisition as well as turnkey takeovers

  • Identification, selection and evaluation of targets and takeover opportunities (buy side)

  • Contacting of possible target companies

  • Company valuations

  • Transaction structuring (share and asset deal, corporate law solutions)

  • Transaction support (LoI, term sheet, due diligence, review of the data room, signing and closing)

  • Post merger integration

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Secure succession and value

Convince the right successor at a reasonable price

  • Succession regulations and handover strategies

  • Partial sales and  - complete company sales

  • Preparation of the investment documentation (fact sheet & information memorandum)

  • Identification, selection, addressing and evaluation of interested parties (sell side)

  • Company valuation

  • Transaction structuring (share and asset deal, corporate law solutions)

  • Transaction support (LoI, term sheet, due diligence, review of the data room, signing and closing)

Secure the top position together

Building powerful partnerships, shaping the future together.

  • Development of strategic partnerships and investments

  • National and international market and sales development

  • Identification and elaboration of synergy potentials

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Raise growth capital

The right financing for the desired growth.

  • Creation and further development of the equity story

  • Deal design and pitch deck presentation

  • Creation and further development of the business plan

  • Approaching of the capital market (family offices, VCs, PEs, financial investors, strategic investors)

  • Creation and further development of cap table scenarios

Invest in values

Investing in real assets for more than a financial value creation.

  • We advise institutional partners on the purchase and sale of real estate objects in Europe and Asia

  • Support in portfolio management (portfolio investment sales and acquisitions)

  • Identification and approach of institutional investors and family offices

  • Debt advisory (advice on the financing structure, independent brokerage of loans)

  • Support for international real estate investments

Neubausiedlung im Sommer

Venturise Case Studies

On behalf of our clients, we work on both the purchase (buy-side) and the sale (sell-side) side.


We bring the experience and relationships from the large number of different projects in various industries into the successful design of new growth initiatives. ​


The following overview shows selected project examples from our past:

Feinkostunternehmen, DE

Aufbau einer Vertriebs- und Produktionspartnerschaft.

Transaktionsvolumen: 7 Mio. EUR

Lebensmittelindustrie, Partnerschaft

Gewürzfabrik, DE

Komplettverkauf eines Gewürzunternehmens.

Transaktionsvolumen: 2 Mio. EUR

Lebensmittelindustrie, Verkauf

Metallspezialverarbeiter, ROU

Asset-Deal, Teilverkauf eines Spezialverarbeiters.

Transaktionsvolumen: 18 Mio. EUR

Metallindustrie, Teilverkauf (Asset)

Phytopharmaka, CH

Einwerbung von Wachstumskapital.

Transaktionsvolumen: 5 Mio. CHF

Health, Wachstumsfinanzierung

ESG-Fonds, SGP

Target-Akquise (DACH) für einen asiatischen ESG-Fonds.

Transaktionsvolumen: 25 Mio. EUR

ESG, Buy-Side

Automobilzulieferer, DE

Verkauf an ausländische Industrieholding.

Transaktionsvolumen: 15 Mio. EUR

Automobilzulieferindustrie, Verkauf

Holzverarbeiter, DACH

Aufbau einer strategischen Produktions- und Vertriebspartnerschaft.

Umsatzvolumen: 30 Mio. EUR

Holzindustrie, Joint Venture

Proptech, DE

Gewinnung von Wachstumskapital und Aufbau Produktionspartnerschaft.

Transaktionsvolumen: 40 Mio. EUR

Bauindustrie, Wachstumskapital

IT-Service-Provider, ROU

Teilverkauf eines IT- und Softwareindividualentwicklers.

Transaktionsvolumen: 10 Mio. EUR

IT, Teilverkauf

Bio-Ölmühle, AT

Verkauf einer Premium-Ölmühle in der Steiermark.

Tranaktionsvolumen: 3 Mio. EUR

Lebensmittelindustrie, Verkauf

Metallgießerei, DE

Verkauf einer mittelständischen Kundengießerei.

Transaktionsvolumen: 14 Mio. EUR

Metallverarbeitung, Verkauf


Einwerbung von Wachstumskapital.

Transaktionsvolumen: 5 Mio. EUR

Technologie, Wachstumskapital

Datencenter, DE

Beratung und Strukturierung eines CO2-neutralen Datencenterprojektes.

Transaktionsvolumen: 45 Mio. EUR

Datencenter, Wachstumskapital

Family Office, DE

Beratung und Strukturierung bzgl. möglicher ESG-Akquisitionen.

Transaktionsvolumen: 5-15 Mio. EUR

Family-Office, Strategie & Kauf

ESG Real Estate, BEL

Kauf und Umwidmung eines ESG-/ Green Office Komplexes in Brüssel.

Transaktionsvolumen: 250 Mio. EUR

Real Estate, Kauf

M&A-Strategie, ASIEN

Entwicklung M&A-Strategie in der Automotive Finance Industrie.

Transaktionsvolumen: 450 Mio. EUR

Automotive Finance, Strategie

ESG Real Estate, FR

Verkauf eines Wohngebäudes in der Nähe von Paris.

Transaktionsvolumen: 40 Mio. EUR

Real Estate, Verkauf

Micro-Mobility, EU

Einwerbung von Wachstumskapital und Markteintritt EU.

Transaktionsvolumen: 5 Mio. EUR

Mobilität, Wachstumsfinanzierung

Bio-Molkerei, DE

Aufbau strategischer Partnerschaft in Produktion und Käselagerung.

Transaktionsvolumen: 7 Mio. EUR

Lebensmittelindustrie, Partnerschaft

Automobilbank, DE

Beratung und Aufbau eines internationalen Innovationshubs.

Transaktionsvolumen: 25 Mio. EUR

Automobilbank, Strategie & Kauf

Current engagements

We work together with and for partners from a variety of industries. We use synergy effects and draw on a strong network of investors, industry experts and implementers.

Together we create tomorrow's value, today.

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